Tools and Toolkit for New Heating Engineer

January 15, 2016 Toolkit

Tools for a new operativeA friend has just completed their ACS for the first time and is looking to get a selection of tools together to start out.

He’s been looking online for a guide and some idea of costs, but has found it so hard to compare prices and know what to get, so we advised him on brands and what tools.

We gave him a basic list to be able to come on jobs with us;

Tools for a New Operative

  1. Cordless Drill with Hammer and Screwdriver settings (look for at least 18 V and 3Ah batteries…
  2. Flue Gas Analyser (we would recommend with printer, pressure gauge and temp differential if possible)
  3. Hacksaw (Junior and 300mm)
  4. Pipeslice (15mm | 22mm | 28mm)
  5. Blowtorch, we like Rothenberger, there are a few brands about though
  6. Wide Jaw Wrench (6in | 8 in | 10in)
  7. Pump Pliers (Grips) (9 1/2 in | 12 in | 7 in)
  8. Socket Set (Bahco do some good sets which are pretty portable for your average engineer)
  9. Burn Barrier (loads out there, will stop you scorching your customers wall!)
  10. Utility/Crow Bar (maybe 15″ to start with to help lift floor boards and alike)

So there’s a starter for 6, what tools would you recommend as indispensable for heating engineers?

What brands do you trust, recommend?

Let us know in the comments below….